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6 Key Interventions in Persistent Pain


  1. Target specific cause of pain

  2. Sensible use of medications

  3. Physical and functional reconditioning

  4. Education = power

  5. Manage psychological and social consequences of pain

  6. Use advanced technologies when appropriate



Target specific cause of pain


Usually a specific cause for your pain can be found, although this may take some time.  This process starts with a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly qualified Pain Specialists.  Often further investigations are needed.  Sometimes, injections are used to anaesthetise specific targets to determine if they are contributing to your pain.

If a specific cause for your pain can be identified, it may be treated with a targeted intervention.



Sensible use of medications


Medications have a role in the long-tern management of pain, but in general are over-used and over-relied upon.

Medications are associated with side effects and risk, sometimes serious.

Your Pain Specialist is highly qualified in the sensible use of medications, and will help you find the right balance between benefit, risks and side effects.



Physical and functional reconditioning


Most people have tried various methods to improve their pain prior to seeking Pain Specialist help.  Often, these methods are poorly target or poorly applied.  Better results are achieved when a team approach is used, coordinated by a Pain Specialist.

Interventus Pain Specialists will help people improve both their physical health and their functional ability.



Education = Power


Traditional thinking is that pain is the bodies’ natural warning, invoking a fight or flight response.  This has both physical components (run away, avoid painful stimulus) and emotional components (fear, anxiety – designed to avoid painful stimulus), all with an ingrained neuroanatomical basis.

With persistent pain this does not apply.  Ongoing avoidance of activity associated with pain can leave people stuck in a vicious circle, with ever-declining physical and functional capacity.

Understanding these concepts can empower people to facilitate change.



Manage psychological and social consequences of pain


People seeking Pain Specialist help have often suffered for months or years.  It is common for people to have developed problems with their mood and relationships.  It is important to manage these problems in conjunction with the underlying pain disorder.



Use advanced technologies where appropriate


Electrical stimulation has been used for many years in medicine – the cardiac pacemaker being the most widely known. Electrical stimulation of pain pathways in the posterior spinal cord has been used clinically since 1967, although major advances in technology in the last few years has led to dramatic improvements in outcomes.

The Pain Specialists at Interventus Pain Specialists are experts in the use of Spinal Cord Stimulation.

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